24 October 2017

Solbjerg discloses in Agritechnica the investment in a brand new tine’s facility

Solbjerg will be present at Agritechnica in Hall 11 A11

The group to which Solbjerg belongs will invest more than 5 Million US$ in a new production factory, that includes a very highly automated 4 manufacturing lines to produce all types of tines, shanks, springs and other compression products, following the highest specs and requirements that the leading global OEMs all around the world will be requiring in the next decade. 

The new layout of the factory follows the latest trends in the industry, with a LEAN concept through the whole production process; while incorporating the Industry 4.0 concepts, to be able to capture data and monitor all the information in the future. Ergonomic improvements have also been taken into account, improving the level of safety with the support of Robots that will take care of the most difficult operations.

All these will enable Solbjerg to manufacture products in different steel chemistries, thanks to the accurate quenching and heat treatment process that will be applied to every part; with the correct systems, ensuring that keep the geometry as defined on the specifications. A significant improvement will be the fact that the size and scale of the products offered to the market will increase substantially dealing accurately with the new growing trends.  During the manufacturing process every part will go through a special treatment that will increase its fatigue resistance, extending consistently the life of the parts. 

The high quality of the products manufactured will be easily verified thanks to different test benches that Solbjerg has developed accurately to the properties of every product, setting the highest standards in the industry.

Solbjerg will be present at Agritechnica in Hall 11 A11 presenting its high quality range of tines and sweeps for different applications.