3 February 2020

Bellota at FIMA 2020

Seeding disc awarded by FIMA

FIMA awards the innovation prize to a new seeding disc model patented by Bellota Agrisolutions. 

The faster operating speed or the minimum tillage or no-till farming means that sometimes the discs slip (especially when the soil is wet) or they do not cut the residue properly. That is why; Bellota has launched this innovative disc that has the following features: clean cut, always sharp, suitable for high speeds and a uniform furrow. 

This is obtained firstly thanks to the fact that the disc has a very sharp cutting edge, which ensures that the residue doesn’t get pushed or folded under the disc once it has been cut, as this would be an obstruction making it difficult for the seed to come into contact with the soil. Secondly, it is a notched disc with a few minimum notches to guarantee a uniform seedbed, which in turn exerts traction to stop it slipping. 

As well as this totally innovative product, Bellota will also have the following new products on display: 

-A wide range of reinforced cultivators for S-tines or vibro tines. Considering the success of the reinforced cultivators for chisel tines or double coil spring tines, 5 new models with reinforcement or with a tungsten-carbide insert in critical areas have been added to the range. 

-More S-tines: with a completely renovated and automated factory, Bellota increases its product range and presents the new 80x12 S-tine as there is a lot of demand for this on the market. 

-Stubble cultivation system with a chisel tine and a tungsten carbide insert.

-Speed harrow brackets: various models to adapt to the needs of each user. 

-New models of the long-life range, DURATOP, with a tungsten carbide insert. 

Bellota at FIMA 2020 (25th-29th of February, Zaragoza) in Hall 3, stand E-F 11-19. Come and visit us!